The REVOLUTION will be Capitalised

The REVOLUTION will be Capitalised
Cos they want you to stay home, Sister.
You are programmed to plug in, turn on and cop out.
They want you to be satisfied with fags and chips,
Zoned out and stuck in during the commercials,
Because the REVOLUTION will be capitalised.

The REVOLUTION will be capitalised.
The REVOLUTION will be brought to you by Article 50,
In a 4 part plan with constant commercial propaganda.
The REVOLUTION will show you pictures of Jimmy Saville,
blowing a horn and leading a charge by Cyril Smith,
Maggie Thatcher and Haroon Kasir to eat
long hog stolen from a London children’s home.
The REVOLUTION will be capitalised.

The REVOLUTION will be brought to you by
BBC, BREXIT, and not the European Union.
It will star Russell Brand and Jon Snow, but not Jill Dando or Peaches.
The REVOLUTION will not make you anonymous,
The REVOLUTION will make a 99% profit.
The REVOLUTION mask will cost you five pounds sterling,
Because the REVOLUTION will be sold and capitalised, Sister.

There will be pictures and slogans on facebook,
Preaching peace and love and sharing prayers,
While pushing tales of war and terror, like memes on a dead run,
Trying to hide behind petitions on social media.
The BBC will reveal the next peado at 9:11,
And report from 23 war-torn districts.
The REVOLUTION will be capitalised.

There will be pictures of kids shooting down
children in the instant replay.
There will be pictures of kids shooting down
mothers in the instant replay.

There will be pictures of David Cameron being
run out of Whitehall on a whim with a New World Order.
There will be slow motion of Theresa May strolling through
Westerham in a red, white and blue Britain First jumpsuit
That she had been saving for just the proper occasion.

Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Made in Chelsea
Will no longer be so damned relevant,
And women will not care who gets it on with
Who in Eastenders because sick and disabled people
will be in the street looking for a way to make a crust.
The REVOLUTION will be capitalised.

The theme song will be written by the Lost Prophets,
directed by Danny Boyle, and sung by One Direction.
The REVOLUTION will be capitalised.

The REVOLUTION will be right back with a message about
Black insurgents and white supremacists.
You will have to worry about the terrorist in your street,
the snake in the think tank, and the giant in your I-phone.
The REVOLUTION will be sponsored by Coca Cola,
The REVOLUTION will be right back after this break
With a word from GOV.UK our sponsors.

The REVOLUTION will be capitalised, will be capitalised,
will be capitalised.
The REVOLUTION will be propaganda Sisters;
The REVOLUTION.GOV.UK is planned.


More’s the Fool Brittania – #Napowrimo 13

rule brittania


Do you remember our steadfastness, our surety
when, at the proms, they sang Rule Brittania?

United notion of a kingdom, never to be slaves,
satisfied that no-one would ridicule Brittania.

Til Britain first, at hell’s command,
Arose to try and overrule Brittania.

And haughty tyrants tried to tame
our starving kids at school, Brittania.

The Muses, still with freedom found,
rise up in a spirit of misrule, Brittania.

And even more majestic shall I rise,
to tell you ‘More’s the fool.’ Brittania.


Awful Alliteration – #Napowrimo 12

The poem on this page
is a space saver,
wearily waiting for
something to occur,
a cozy cave of safety,
pinned and posted,
in a not so subtle space
for another poxy poet
to shiftily share more
than her fair share.

Fulfilling the thirst
for mucking about
with absurd wording.
These words will resist
remaining. Thriftily
avoiding the poets wish
to represent the rarity,
of perfectly postured poetry,
meandering in meaning.

Words hesitate to be heard,
never to pass my lips
I’m just playing with
allegations of alliteration,
a random resemblance,
and apathetic attempt,
to cleverly capture
authentic assonance.
In this there is
no resonance.

Exceptional Circumstances – #Napowrimo 6

“Absence Will Only be Authorised in Exceptional Circumstances”
There is still no clarity on what exceptional is, so I made a list.

Unusual, like a family death or serious illness
Not typical, like dawn at Stonehenge on Summer Solstice
Uncommon, like a parental access visit abroad
Atypical, like going to a famous fairy ball

Extraordinary, like a child who is autistic
Out of the ordinary, like a trip on a spaceship
Unprecedented, at the discretion of the parents
Unexpected, mental distress under a Tory government

Exceptional, disability, distress or fright
Outstanding, disorder or the need for respite
Rare, like winning a holiday as a prize
Peculiar, like living on the Isle of Wight
(I’m serious, in tourism you can’t take holidays
during school holidays)

Bizarre, like a close to home bereavement
Inconsistent, work requirements of parents,
Odd, Family Fund makes awards for holidays
Weird, the amount won’t cover peak season holidays.

Non-standard, a school trusting a parent’s judgement
Freaky, working travellers and showmen
Divergent, experience of family culture and heritage
Last chance, visiting an old or sick relative

Irregular, like family weddings, christenings, and funerals
Strange, term dates different for children in different schools
Deviant, parents in charge of their children, not the state
Surprising, like the chance to join a thrilling pirate raid

Of course, this list is exceptional, we are living in exceptional times,
It’s unusual, not typical, to allow enough time for family time.
“Absence Will Only be Authorised in Exceptional Circumstances”
How many of you would go AWOL for circumstances such as these?

Always forever – #Napowrimo Day 3

So here is day 3 – late. Yesterday’s prompt on the website was to write a eulogy. Well, I didn’t fancy that. Fortunately there are plenty of places to find prompts, so I checked out the NaPoWriMo facebook page where the prompt was to write a poem starting with I will always …. so here it is.

Always Forever

I will always
avoid saying always
and never
say never.
For these promises,
not for keeping,
are far too long.
never lasts.
There is always
something else
to say
to soothe
an anxious mind.