Letter to Leary – #Napowrimo 16


Now you are long gone,
20 years dead,
what have you got to say
about consciousness?
Do you still believe
every citizen is a scientist?
Did you lose respect,
when you switched from psychologist,
to unregulated mind space cosmologist?

What would you say if you were here today?
After the rise and fall
of that clever marketing spin –
turn on – tune in – drop out –
a catchy slogan for a generation
to make their future about.
A philosophy swallowed by everyone
needing a way out.
It hit them like a meme on a long run,
you could have sold anything to anyone.

Would you consider this success?
After all these years, of misunderstood
and mistook consciousness experiments,
I am sure you never meant
for a population to tune out so far
that they couldn’t care less?
Children seeking a way to be numb,
far from turning on, now they want to
turn out, tune out, drop out.
I hope they turn out fine.

I often wonder – Did you ever answer Ginsburg?
What did you tell him when he asked you,
“What is everyone supposed to do after
dropping out?
How does that help you deal
with human issues
like facing old age,
sickness, suffering,
and death?”


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