When Baphomet Sally – #Napowrimo 8

red baphomet

When Baphomet Sally,
it was obvious they weren’t ever going to have sex,
the whole idea of it caused distress.
I mean what would the world be if a diabolic entity
of misunderstood androgyny
could have such a relationship with a human ally.

When Baphomet Sally,
it wasn’t just his horns that got in the way,
nor her devilish good looks,
not his bare buxom breasts,
or the beard on her face.
I mean all of that was confusing,
and it led to a gross misunderstanding
from the rest of the human race.

When Baphomet Sally,
there were all kinds of other issues, like
the interpretation of duality
and the binary nature of a goat-headed entity
worshiped by the Templar Knights, allegedly.

When Baphomet Sally,
King Philip of France would get involved
in a desire to erase his historic debt,
fearing that their relationship could pose a threat,
and his ancient right to govern meant
he could have them burned, accused of heresy.

When Baphomet Sally
Priests and Kings would destroy the hermaphrodite
they would organise disorder to dispell the dualistic power.
A singular union of opposites disbanded by the papacy
and turned into a stand in for satan, obviously!

When Baphomet Sally
To prove his dedication
Baphomet went and got an impressive tattoo,
not a cliche, like an anchor, or a skull, or a heart.
Forever marked in Latin on the Sabbatic Goat’s arms,
Destined forever to join together and take apart.

When Baphomet Sally
they had such different ideas of relationship,
Sally didn’t think she would be able to fake it.
Surely if they got together it would mean that
anyone could have what she was having.


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