Exceptional Circumstances – #Napowrimo 6

“Absence Will Only be Authorised in Exceptional Circumstances”
There is still no clarity on what exceptional is, so I made a list.

Unusual, like a family death or serious illness
Not typical, like dawn at Stonehenge on Summer Solstice
Uncommon, like a parental access visit abroad
Atypical, like going to a famous fairy ball

Extraordinary, like a child who is autistic
Out of the ordinary, like a trip on a spaceship
Unprecedented, at the discretion of the parents
Unexpected, mental distress under a Tory government

Exceptional, disability, distress or fright
Outstanding, disorder or the need for respite
Rare, like winning a holiday as a prize
Peculiar, like living on the Isle of Wight
(I’m serious, in tourism you can’t take holidays
during school holidays)

Bizarre, like a close to home bereavement
Inconsistent, work requirements of parents,
Odd, Family Fund makes awards for holidays
Weird, the amount won’t cover peak season holidays.

Non-standard, a school trusting a parent’s judgement
Freaky, working travellers and showmen
Divergent, experience of family culture and heritage
Last chance, visiting an old or sick relative

Irregular, like family weddings, christenings, and funerals
Strange, term dates different for children in different schools
Deviant, parents in charge of their children, not the state
Surprising, like the chance to join a thrilling pirate raid

Of course, this list is exceptional, we are living in exceptional times,
It’s unusual, not typical, to allow enough time for family time.
“Absence Will Only be Authorised in Exceptional Circumstances”
How many of you would go AWOL for circumstances such as these?


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